8 Years of the Multiplier Effect

Endeavor Philippines launches its 2022 Impact Report, which showcases the country’s first ever Multiplier Map and the Multiplier Effect in the Philippines. This report celebrates the power of the Philippine entrepreneurial ecosystem, driven by the efforts of entrepreneurs to multiply their impact and pay it forward.

Key Insights:

  • The Philippine entrepreneurial ecosystem has grown, in part, due to the Multiplier Effect, as successful entrepreneurs pay it forward to the next generation. They have inspired countless other entrepreneurs. They have mentored and shared their networks with them. And they have re-invested their financial gains in them.
  • Endeavor’s first entrepreneurs have emerged as Big Bubbles, having an outsized influence in the ecosystem, serving as key mentors, investors, and advisors for early-stage companies locally and internationally. Endeavor’s latest entrepreneurs are already making their mark, primed to become the next generation of Big Bubbles, mentoring as early as now.
  • Endeavor has selected 33 entrepreneurs from 27 companies who continue to make their mark in the country, generating $513M in revenue in 2022 and creating over 29,000 jobs over the course of 8 years.