Endeavor Open Innovation Program

OPEN INNOVATION is a joint program between Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and Endeavor to catalyze innovation through partnering with companies. Through this program, EDC hopes to:

Incubate and scale growth opportunities adjacent to core business through external partnerships

Commercialize innovative solutions that are regenerative and customer-centric

Build a culture of innovation that is outward thinking and tolerant of failure

Energy Development Corporation

The Philippines’ pioneer and largest 100% renewable energy producer and the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal company.

Potential Outcomes

If selected to participate in the Open Innovation program, EDC is committed to funding the following outcomes in partnership with selected companies and EDC squads at the end of the program:

Participants may secure EDC as a customer or partner, with the potential for a direct deal between the two parties. This creates a valuable opportunity for collaboration and innovation within the energy sector.

The participating company, while refining its product or project, will be compensated for its time invested. The expected outcome is the development of a roadmap toward a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Challenges to Address

EDC is hoping partner companies can address any of the following challenges below.

How can EDC serve the retail market through new and emerging renewable generation technology?

EDC wants to explore alternative sources of additional power that can be sold and distributed to retail market.

How can EDC improve water utilization?

Water supply is primarily affected by the leakage of water. EDC aims to address water/fluid leakages in utility operations by using new technologies from detection-to-action.

How can EDC reach and potentially capture retail customers?

EDC is interested in developing and capturing potential customers within the wider retail energy market (B2B/B2C).